The backcountry is our playground. Whenever conditions are good we are out there, enjoying the powder. Our mountains have everything we need to have fun: unspoilt forests, gentle and open faces, steep but not extreme couloirs…

We want you to discover and experience the area of Sestriere and the Vialattea just as we do!

The experiences proposed here below are organised on request and when snow conditions are suitable to guarantee safety and fun.

During the tours it is compulsory to be equipped with shovel, probe and Artva. We also recommend the use of a backpack with ABS system and a helmet. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, we can show you where to hire a self-rescue kit.


Freeride Experience

La neve fresca è sinonimo di libertà e leggerezza, nonché fonte di emozioni potentissime!

Nella giornata sfruttiamo gli impianti di risalita per accedere ad infiniti e divertenti fuoripista. Prima di ogni discesa ti spieghiamo il pendio, come affrontarlo e quali potrebbero essere i punti insidiosi… tutto questo per metterti in condizione di disegnare la tua linea perfetta. Durante la giornata puoi inoltre confrontarti con un maestro esperto sulle tematiche relative alla sicurezza ed all’autosoccorso in valanga.

Al momento dell’iscrizione è importante che tu dichiari il tuo livello di conoscenza della tecnica e se vai sugli sci o sullo snowboard.

Costo: 90,00 € (1/2 giornata Alta Stagione) – 81,00 € (1/2 giornata bassa stagione)

Backcountry Experience

We are not “mountaineers”: the summit is a great achievement but it is above all the beginning of virgin slopes to draw!

This experience is designed for those who want to approach ski/snowboard mountaineering. We explain the technique of ascending and how to move depending on the slope, the type of snow or the equipment you have.

We guide you on simple trips where you can get the most enjoyment from your descent…

The price is on request and varies according to the tour.

Freestyle Backcountry Experience

If you like jumping, this is the one for you: a day in the backcountry dedicated to landing on soft fresh snow!

You will live a unique and unforgettable experience, we explain how to choose the right place and we look for it, together we build the jump and last (but not least!) we teach you how to face it.

Cost: 90,00 € (1/2 day high season) – 81,00 € (1/2 day low season)